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A few words about the Bravvo mission

Our team has over 25 years of experience in working in the furniture industry and with automated systems and intelligent homes.

Our headquarters is located in Krakow. The Lesser Poland voivodship is the leader in furniture production, but there are no smart furniture manufacturers here. We enrich the industry with our theoretical and practical knowledge, many years of experience and innovative technologies and projects. Our team consists of well-known interior architects and furniture designers. Trusted Krakow carpenters and other contractors work on our orders.

We have opened the first studio in Krakow, which offers interior transformation projects, transformer furniture sales, mechanisms for the production of automatic furniture and ready furniture modules for the expansion of existing furniture. We use the highest quality components for the production of our devices.

We offer automatic solutions dedicated to small apartments and studios. We offer transformer furniture “two in one”. We design furniture that changes its function, thanks to which rooms can change between a bedroom, living room, office or kitchen. To transform the furniture, just press the button on the remote control, the computer keyboard, on the screen of the smarfoon or use the manual button. Using the latest trends that we meet at international furniture and interior fairs and bold visions of young architects, we create modern furniture tailored to the different tastes and financial possibilities of our clients. Our furniture meets the needs of people who value the highest, most expensive standards. We also have solutions for pensioners or students.

We also noticed that nobody in Poland offers furniture systems that make life easier for people with disabilities. That’s why we came up with modern solutions used in furniture, thanks to which the use of furniture by people using wheelchairs is easier. Using a remote control or a button placed at a convenient height, a disabled person can lower the shelves in kitchen cabinets to have easy access to them or to spread the automatic bed. Currently, as part of our projects, we cooperate with foundations and organizations supporting people with disabilities. We are working on extending the spectrum of solutions for people with disabilities and we are looking for partners and volunteers.

Our automatic systems allow you to change the character of antique or sacred furniture by adding automatic elements to them. They also provide protection for antique paintings from destruction or even theft by automatically covering or hiding them in furniture. We combine tradition and modernity in this way.