Smartbed O Sofa poziome łóżko w szafie

Smartbed O Sofa horizontal bed in the closet

Fold-out bed with a horizontal sofa. Furniture for studios and small apartments, designed in accordance with modern technology. We combine the impossible – maintaining full comfort and usability,
we save space. Thanks to this, we are able to combine a fully functional piece of furniture – a large sofa with
a comfortable double bed, not occupying the entire living room.
The daily space is dedicated to a beautiful sofa – soft, comfortable and spacious. It will allow you to spend time in front of the TV comfortably and meet the expectations of the whole family. Behind the sofa, a smooth, laminated board in the selected color.

At night the sofa is horizontally unfolded using a system of gas cylinders (increased ease
unfolding and only one short moment to do this) in a comfortable, double bed.
The sides of the sofa remain as the sides of the bed. From the bottom, strong, steel frame and supportive structure, solid legs, all reinforced with eccentrics. Under the mattress, a wooden frame made of beech strips,
thanks to which you can sleep even more comfortably. Product covered by a 10-year warranty program.

Łozko transform Smartbed O Sofa poziome łóżko w szafie
Mechanizm Smartbed O Sofa poziome łóżko w szafie

Standard dimensions of the external double bed:
220 x 158 cm – for the mattress 200x 140
220 x 178 cm – for the mattress 200×160
220 x 198 cm – for the mattress 200x 180
Depth of building: 40 cm
Dimensions of the sofa:
Width: 236 cm
Depth: 80 cm
Height: 58 cm

Maximum weight supported by a single metal base: 150 kg / double: 200 kg
Bed housing:
The bed’s body is made of 36 mm thick furniture board.
The front panel and the back of the bed are made of 18 cm thick board.
The bed pattern has been patented:

Price from PLN 14020