Smartbed O podwójne poziome łóżko w szafie

Smartbed O double horizontal bed in the closet

Smartbed-O bed – for small apartments will allow a peaceful night’s sleep in a comfortable bed without taking up space in a small room. A slim piece of furniture with a compact structure ensures a royal rest on a comfortable couch, but when folded, it becomes a compact piece of furniture that becomes barely noticeable in the arrangement.
A hidden bed does not take up space. It is a great solution for studios, but it also works great as a guest bed, which should stay hidden in everyday life. Product covered by a 10-year warranty program.

After folding the bed remains hidden, while the eyes appear smooth, laminated plate in a rich color palette to choose from.
Smartbed-O is a hit of our offer. Friendly in use and appreciated by our clients for functional perfection.

In addition, the bed can be equipped with lighting, an electric mechanism with a remote control or a soft headboard.

Dimensions of the mattress:
200 × 90cm 200 × 120cm 200 × 140cm 200 × 160cm 200 × 180cm
Depth of building: 40cm

Maximum weight supported by a single metal base: 150 kg, double: 200 kg.
The bed pattern has been patented.

Price from PLN 4870

Smartbed O podwójne poziome łóżko w szafie rozkładane

* to securely use the furniture it is necessary to attach it to the wall first. The assembly kit is included in the package. The half-shell is attached to the wall with special fittings.