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Smartbed Twin horizontal bunk bed in the closet

Folding bunk bed for two people. How much space can you save by choosing Smartbed Twin instead of two classic free-standing beds? A lot! Furniture system,
designed for economical space management – for small apartments and to
rooms where there is not enough space for furniture.
The bunk bed was designed with emphasis on comfort, functional comfort, perfect design, quality and safety. It has a comfortable ladder and barriers to prevent falling from above.

In a compound form – two variants of the furniture to choose from. In the first version, a smooth panel is visible
laminated in a color selected from a rich palette. Impressive style and thanks to that, very friendly in arrangement. The second variant is the choice of the Single model as the lower bed. In this way, after the deposit you can get an additional function of the desk. On a smooth, laminated board, stretch
There is a spacious counter top with the length of the bed. Ergonomic height allows you to maintain a comfortable,
healthy working position. Product covered by a 10-year warranty program.

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Standard dimensions of the external bed:
216 x 210 cm; 216x 230 cm
Dimensions of mattresses:
200×90 cm; 200×100 cm
Depth of building: 40cm

Maximum weight supported by a single metal base: 150 kg
Bed housing:
The bed’s body is made of 36 mm thick furniture board. The front panel and the back of the bed are made of 18 cm thick board.

The bed pattern has been patented.

Price from 9980 PLN

* to securely use the furniture it is necessary to attach it to the wall first. The assembly kit is included in the package. The half-shell is attached to the wall with special fittings.