Smartbed V vertical bed in the closet

A single or double retractable bed for small apartments is an innovative solution, dedicated to those who are looking for free spaces and need the possibility of reconciling small subways with functional comfort. Our bed does not know half measures – practical comfort equals king’s double beds.
The tested and patented bed model is a hit everywhere where you can not afford furniture. Compact form and shapely shapes do not take up space during the day, and at night, after unfolding – you can afford a comfortable rest. The unfolding process takes just one minute, Click-V is equipped with gas cylinders that ensure smooth and extremely easy operation – this is one simple move. Product covered by a 10-year warranty program.

Standard dimensions of the external bed:
1072x2186mm; 1372x2186mm; 1572x2186mm; 1772x2186mm; 1972x2186mm

Dimensions of the mattress:
90x200cm; 120×200 cm; 140x200cm; 160x200cm; 180×200 cm
Depth of building: 40cm

Maximum weight supported by a double metal base: 200 kg

The Click-V bed model is distinguished by a orthopedic metal base, which is folded vertically and equipped with gas shock absorbers. The bed has been designed in a way that allows you to fold it in less than a minute.

In addition, the bed can be equipped with lighting, an electric mechanism with a remote control and a soft headboard.

The bed has been patented.

Price from PLN 4870

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* to securely use the furniture it is necessary to attach it to the wall first. The assembly kit is included in the package. The half-shell is attached to the wall with special fittings.