Pocket mattress Sembella

7-zone cartridge with multipocket springs (505 springs / m²) with a height of 12 cm, ensuring a perfect fit of the mattress to the shape of the body. Double-sided clasping of the springs with a 7-zone profiled, flexible polyurethane foam makes the mattress comfortable.

Cover with non-allergic knitted fabric Medicott® prevents the nesting of mites and the formation of dangerous molds, even under the influence of increased humidity. Properties acquire during production of knitwear and keeps them in spite of repeated washing.

Thanks to the zip fastener, it is possible to open and wash each half of the cover separately.

The height of the mattress: 20 cm

Benefits for you:

MULTIPOCKET springs – the best fit;
hygiene – washing cover;
satisfaction guarantee;
10-year warranty on the mattress insert;