Łozko transform Smartbed O Sofa poziome łóżko w szafie

Smartbed O Sofa

Frame of sofas for upholstering and connection with a folding bed vertically or horizontally. It is a metal frame with a mechanism synchronized to make a sofa, painted with epoxy paint, with elastic cushions. In the Click-O Sofa variant, the bed composition does not have to be attached to the wall. The sofa can be used with the option of a fold-out bed mechanism, such as Click V and Watt, and a horizontal folding bed like the Click-O Lower.

Click-O Sofa can be used with the option of a folding bed mechanism, manually Click-O or electrically Watt and horizontal folding Click-O Lower. Product covered by a 10-year warranty program.

Price from PLN 6290

A bed hidden in the closet – a table of dimensions

The size of the frameThe size of the mattress
83/93 x 19280/90 x 190
83/93 x 20280/90 x 200
103 x 192100 x 190
103 x 202100 x 200
123 x 192120 x 190
123 x 202120 x 200
143 x 192140 x 190
143 x 202140 x 200
163 x 192160 x 190
163 x 202160 x 200
183 x 192180 x 190
183 x 202180 x 200

Other dimensions are available on request.

Mechanizm dla łóżka w szafie Smartbed O Sofa

* to securely use the furniture it is necessary to attach it to the wall first. The assembly kit is included in the package. The half-shell is attached to the wall with special fittings.