Smartbed Twin

Smartbed Twin is a system of a hideout hidden in furniture, containing an orthopedic frame of a double-sided upper bunk with a metal frame painted with epoxy paint with wooden, solid profiled strips, mattress locking strips, horizontally folded on gas shock absorbers. Equipped with ladder and protective barrier.

Click-O Twin is a top-bed system that allows you to hide a built-in bed. Mechanisms made of high quality raw materials offer a new solution for sleep, organizing the space in a unique and functional way. It is available in the option with the bottom bed Click-O Lower. Product covered by a 10-year warranty program.

Maximum weight supported by the system:
150 kg – a system for a single bed
Price 3650 PLN

Upper retractable bed system in the wardrobe – size table

The size of the frame The size of the mattress
82 x 192 80 x 190
82 x 202 80 x 200
92 x 192 90 x 190
92 x 202 90 x 200
102 x 192 100 x 190
102 x 202 100 x 200
122 x 192 120 x 190
122 x 202 120 x 200

* to securely use the furniture it is necessary to attach it to the wall first. The assembly kit is included in the package. The half-shell is attached to the wall with special fittings.