The mechanism of a desk with height adjustment is an example of how easy it is to adjust the height of the desk to the individual anthropometric features of the user.
The greater height difference (650 mm) between the lowest (608 mm) and the highest (1258 mm) position makes the frame even more versatile and suitable for users with a height of 148 to 212 cm. Thanks to the use of 3-segment columns, very high lateral stability of the frame was achieved. Used to set up 2 tables opposite each other, the height of each of them is adjustable independently.
Four 3-segment columns with a rectangular section, the widest segment at the bottom. Electric lifting. Lifting height 650 mm, maximum height 1258 mm. Obstacle detection (when encountering an obstacle while raising or lowering, it stops automatically). Width: adjustable smoothly from 1120 to 1900 mm, thanks to the use of telescopic cross members.

– The height of the frame in the lowest position is 608mm, in the highest 1258mm.
– Width of the top: 1320 – 2200 mm
– Column / leg segments rise smoothly instantly thanks to the patented
synchronization technology
– Even after 10,000 cycles “up / down” there are no visible traces of abrasions on the surface
– Control box and buttons integrated in one light control unit, which allows
to optimize costs and facilitate the assembly process.
– The obstacle detection system prevents damage to the desk / table if encountered
obstacles while moving.
– There are no additional connectors between the columns, which gives space for additional ones
design solutions
– Capacity of 100 kg
– 2 engines
– Lifting speed 30 mm / sec
– Energy consumption in standby mode 0.5 W
– Standard colors: RAL 9006, RAL 9016, RAL 9005
– Meets the requirements of EN-527-1