The raised table is designed for all kinds of tasks. It allows you to work both sitting and standing. It can be used as a drawing table, for drawing or playing for children. It is an innovation in the production of office furniture. Perfect for leading a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to it, you do not need to spend many hours in one position. Working at such a table is a perfect rest for the legs and spine. It is equipped with advanced lifting columns. Column operation is very quiet.

There is a possibility of different control channels: a manual button, a button with a display informing about the height of the position, using Bluetooth from a computer or a smartphone. It is made of the highest quality materials.

The mechanism has been specially designed to allow lifting and lowering in a few seconds.

The dimensions of the table depend entirely on your needs. Each table is produced to order.
Table work range: from 65 cm to 130 cm. Bravvo table warranty is 5 years!

Price from PLN 2685

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